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How do I draw?

Posted by GhastlyH - May 23rd, 2019

Some people might be wondering how I draw stuff and what equipment I use. There was a time I used to do all my pencils and inks on paper, scan it and then computer colour it but for maybe the last 10 years I've been working 100% digital on an Android tablet using Autodesk's Sketchbook.

When I first started working with Sketchbook it was on a Toshiba Thrive. It was a great tablet because it had a 10" screen but it didn't have a Wacom digitizer so there was no pressure support and I was using one of those dull crayon type of styluses. It took a little getting used to be was completely workable because the software was so good. At the time there was Sketchbook and Sketchbook Pro the latter being the paid version which is what I used. Nowadays Sketchbook is completely free with an (also free) Autodesk account and it's still, in my opinion, the best illustration software for use on the Android platform. I also have Corel Painter for Android which does a good job of simulating real world mediums like oils and watercolours but I still prefer Sketchbook but will sometimes work with painter for the heck of it since I bought it so why not. Don't bother looking for Painter for Android as it seems Corel has discontinued it.

I'm a really shit penciller I'm sad to say. If I was ever doing pencils and then passing them off to an inker, that inker would probably hate my freaking guts because my pencils are so sloppy. I usually have three layers to my pencils. First is a layer of skeletal forms and lots of scribbling the basic pose. This will be done in a very light colour like cyan so it won't get in the way too much. Then I'll do very rough sketchy pencil layer over top of that, usually in blue. I'm not really making my choices at this point I'm more or less just trying to get the idea in my head realized on the "paper". It usually becomes a big mess. If it's a really bad mess that I won't be able to ink from in confidence then I'll do another layer of pencils in red this time refining the illustration some more and trying not to make too many superfluous lines that won't be inked. Even if the figure is going to be fully clothed I draw it bald and naked first so the proportions won't be too bad and I'll have a better idea of where the cloth will catch and how it will hang. Then I draw the the clothing as another layer in a green or purple and the hair as another layer too.

Here's a timelaps video of my drawing on my tablet. It's pretty cool that sketchbook will capture video of your work. I should point out the software just records frames when it detects stylus movement so it looks like I'm drawing a hell of a lot faster than I really draw. I'm a very, very slow drawer and this video doesn't capture the many minutes I pause looking at my drawing going "okay, what have I fucked up now and what am I getting right". Put it gives you an idea of the technique I use. This is just a drawing of the pencils and final inking of the drawing. I'll probably do another one in the future that shows how I colour the drawing.