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Cape comic

Posted by GhastlyH - November 17th, 2019

If I was to do a cape comic I think I'd do one where it's a pair of lovers who are into exhibitionism and humiliation play so one is a superhero and the other is a super villain. The super villain shows up in front of a bank or jewelry store announcing their intent to rob it and the hero shows up and stops them. They get into an increasingly sexual fight which ends with the super villain nearly naked and tied to a lamp post. The hero poses for a few pictures then takes off saying the police will take care of it now. The villain waits for the hero to leave and remains tied up until they hear the sirens approaching and then makes their daring escape.

This goes on for months with this couple using their alter identities to get their sexual kicks and no actual robberies being committed but the hero and the villain start to gain a reputation for themselves. The hero gets a reputation for always stopping the crimes of the villain and the villain gets the reputation for always escaping the law. This attracts the attention of a league of superheros and a society of evil doers and they try to recruit their person of interest to join their club. In the end the villain is reluctantly a member of the evil society and the hero is a member of the superhero league and neither one of them want to be there because all they want to do is run around in public in skimpy tight fitting outfits, (play) fighting with each other and getting tied up in front of an audience of onlookers. Neither one has any idea how to be an actual superhero nor a super villain. They just want to get their kicks but now they're stuck with jobs they don't want.

The villain character always tips off the hero character as to what the plans of the evil society are and the hero always arranges the confrontation so they're paired off against their lover.

"We're going to be robbing the museum of art at 11:30pm. I'll be wearing no underwear. The safeword is pierogi."

"Alright gang, we're going in to bust this heist up.... but leave the Blue Octopus to me! It's PERSONAL!"

Oh and the Batman type character in this superhero league is constantly trying to tell everyone "I don't think they're actually hero/villain. I think they're just a couple of perverts getting their kink on" but nobody believes him.


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