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Big Mouth Strikes Again

Posted by GhastlyH - January 19th, 2020

I was listening to the radio today and The Smith's song "Big Mouth Strikes Again" came on. One of the lines sounded weird to me so I looked up the lyrics for the first time in my life and it completely changed the song because it turned out this time I heard the lyric the way it actually was sang and not the freaking mondegreen I'd been hearing since the 80s.

I had for the first time heard "Now I know how Joan of Arc felt" (the actual lyric). Previously I had always heard that line sung as "Now I know that you're immortal". This changed entirely the meaning of the song for me.

I had previously envisioned the song as being about some guy who had in a fit of rage and frustration bashed in the head of his girlfriend and then looked on in horror as she reset her broken neck and her caved in skull reformed itself whole before his eyes so he nervously tried to tell her "Ha. Ha. Just kidding with the whole smashing your head in thing" as he realized his girlfriend was some sort of undead supernatural being that could snuff him out like a candle if he dared incur her wrath like when Graham Chapman tried to pump the Grim Reaper full of lead in The Meaning Of Life.

I just really like the song much more when I picture Morrissey slowly backing away from an immortal inhuman creature that is striding towards him with a frighteningly calm visage that starkly contrasts the horribly violent frenzy that Morrissey had just beaten it to "death" with. A wide eyed, terrified beyond rational thought Morrisey, backing away and trying to block his "girlfriend" by toppling furniture, lamps, literally anything he can get his hands on to stop her slow, deliberate approach while he pleads "Baby! The crowbar thing was just me having a bit of a laugh. I love you baby!". I imagine her eyes turning Vanta black and her maw ever so impossibly widening in a terrible grimace that is neither a grin nor a scream.

"I didn't mean it! I DIDN'T mean IT! I DIDN'T MEAN IT!" he screams over and over forever.