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I love the Harley Quinn cartoon.

Posted by GhastlyH - February 16th, 2020

I am so loving this Harley Quinn series it's just pressing so many of the right buttons for me. I love series like Archer and Rick and Morty where it's a group of assholes who actually care about each other but are the architects of their own misery. I love the over-the-top campy blood-soaked Tarantino-esque violence. I love the complete lack of taking itself seriously like Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law. All this and swearing and sex jokes.

I just love the chemistry between the characters. I absolutely adore Clayface with his unbridled enthusiasm and scenery chewing hammery. It's so cute how King Shark gets so stoked when he gets to put his tech skills to work instead of being muscle. Sy Borgman which is basically just George Castanza as a CIA war criminal, BAY-BAAAAY!!!! I love Poison Ivy's sardonic wit, it's like if Daria became a supervillain and her low-energy humour makes her a perfect counterpart to Harley's Manic Pixie Death-Girl.

I think what I really love is the two different angles on misogyny in the series. You have the Joker who is a misogynistic asshole but he completely lacks the self-awareness to realize he's a misogynistic asshole because he's also a complete narcissist and then you have Doctor Psycho who is also a misogynistic asshole but he has self-awareness and does make an effort to correct himself when he catches it and the crew doesn't let him get away with it, but they don't give up on him either because they're a group of friends who are recognize they're all fucked up in their own ways so they work together to improve each other even when they fuck up. Baby steps, you'll get there eventually little man. Just keep working on catching yourself and making progress.

Harley Quinn is now my favourite Group Of Assholes Who Are Friends series.